Sep 23

Casualty of War

Melted SB-800 :( Well as you can see above, I melted an SB-800. Above are 2 of my SB-800s, a normal one of the left and the melted one on the right. During the reception last night the wedding party was having a hell of a good time and I was taking a lot of photos and a very short time period. Now I have a Quantum 2x2 powerpack hooked up to both flashes at the same time and as you can see, the excessive heat caused it to bubble up. Without the powerpack, a flash cannot do this, there is enough recharge time that you cannot over heat the flash head but when using the high-voltage cord, this can happen as you can see here. I have only heard of discoloration due to excessive heat but mine looks to be pretty clear still. This shouldn't effect any shots as I bounce almost everything. I don't know how much it will cost to replace but you can see that the was not damaged in vain. The shot