Sep 24

Nikon D300 – Pre-ordered

Nikon D300 - DPreview.com Well I have done it, well pre-ordered 2 of them anyways. Initially I thought that I wouldn't order it, my D200s do a great job but as with the advancement of technology electronics get better with time. The features that interest me most.
  • Lower noise at higher ISO
  • New focusing sensor
I shoot at higher ISO a lot during the wedding ceremony because of no flash allowed and the low light( receptions are no problem). All of my lenses are f/2.8 covering zoom ranges from 17mm-200mm so I'm shooting at as wide open as I can for the most part. I have been extremely happy with the D200 and that is why I am confident that the D300 will absolutely ROCK. Though my first D200 I preordered and did have the banding issue but I'm sure Nikon tested the hell out of these for that problem so they won't happen again. The Nikon D200 focusing sensor works just fine but knowing that I could get the best focusing sensor that Nikon makes would really be excellent. I'd love to get the Nikon D3, I really would, but at this point in my career, it's not practical or economical. I'll certainly keep you all updated when the first batch arrives in November. 🙂