Sep 28

Jeff and Stephanie 9-22-07

Jeff and Stephanie Jeff and Stephine are a great couple, I had a hoot shooting their wedding. Starting off was really quite something Steph had 2 black eyes, she looked like a football player! No Jeff didn't do it to her (I asked the wittinesses), apparently 2 nights before she went face first at full stride into a glass door. It took quite a lot of work and a lot of stress but she was able to hide it great! 🙂 Here is Steph with her girls having a good laugh. _ds22173l.jpg The ceremony started off alright and the photos turned out quite well. I did adjust the temperture -4 on the warm color slide because a lot of the photos were a bit too yellow but the minor adjustment in Lightroom did it's job just fine. Ceremony Isle Kiss Formals went well though the light was dying quick! The guys were having a good time as always not wanting to have formals taken. Groom’smen huddle Here is Jeff and Stephanie with a sunset kiss. It turned out great! Sunset Kiss The reception was at The Benchmark in Covington, KY. I have shot there 3 times before so I was pretty familiar with the place and the DJ was pretty good. Here's the couple with their first dance and first kiss on the dance floor. Reception first dance kill Steph getting a bit teary eyed when Jeff was saying a lot of really nice things about her. Steph blushing So all in all, it was a great night! I had the pleasure of having Lauren with me, she took this picture below, right on Lauren! _dsc6655ll.jpg Jeff will be leaving for Iraq soon for 15 months, good luck buddy thanks for serving! Here are some more photos http://www.i2istudios.com/blog/index.php?topic=59.0