Sep 30

Wedding Reception Lighting

During last night's wedding reception it was a typical lighting situation and what I expect to see when I take a photo at a wedding reception. I look for properly exposed subjects in the center with the ambient lighting being shown in the background. In the photo below, this is exactly what I look for. This beautiful woman is looking great under lighting bounced up to the low ceiling. Settings are 1/40s at F/4 @ ISO200 flash at -2/3 exposure on TTL exposure (due to the low ceiling). 1/40s at F/4 @ ISO200 flash at -2/3 exposure (due to the low ceiling) How did I choose -2/3 flash exposure? By looking for blown highlights on my display. Most DSLR will have a display setting that displays a view of blown highlights, once I determine it I usually keep the settings all night long. With this low ceiling, the Quantum 2x2 was hardly using any power and kept 4 full bars all night long. See another expample of good flash exposure below. dsc_3139l-copy.jpg Now with natural lighting, white balance is key, I hope your DSLR is as good as mine, it's so hassle free with minimal image editing required. dsc_3185l-copy.jpg dsc_3174l-copy.jpg There is an example of light bouncing incorrectly. This girl was walking back to her table carrying a drink or two or six and I just had to snap a photo. She was standing underneath a florescent light chrome reflector thing and you can see the reflector on the ceiling caused hotspots on her. Not everything can be perfect but it's still a funny moment. dsc_3272l-copy.jpg
  • http://www.woodrowhall.com Tom

    I help run a wedding event venue in Birmingham AL. We have found that up lights are a must for most events. Do these bother the photographer? Also, is the low light of the dance floor a problem? What about the color of the washes. Do you have to compensate?

    • http://www.i2iSTUDIOS.com Son

      All the color you can add to the background makes my pictures look all that much better.