Oct 03

Nikon D3

Ok, so I gave in, Jackie, you're to blame. (but I'm not too mad). I canceled the orders for the D300 and ordered the D3. Reasons why I choose to go the D3 route over the D300 (reasons why I choose the D300 still stand and apply here too) ...
  • Cash flow, I broke out the calculator and worked out that it's in the budget (sort of)...
  • Super low noise at super high ISO, no longer will I hesitate that the bride and groom are standing in he shadow at the alter, going up to ISO 6400 will be just fine. 🙂
  • Being able to adjust front/back focusing on an individual lens is awesome, so the lens is just a bit off, no need to send it into the manufacturer to get it adjust, just do it yourself in the camera, that rocks!
  • Full Frame and being able to go WIDE, I might have to become a landscape photog to utilize the big sensor.
I've never even held a D2x or any pro camera body with built in vertical grip so this is bit of a jump, but I'm willing to take the risk but from what the reviews have had to say, it's amazing! Nikon D3 Based on the specifications I do have one concern right now, something that has really helped me in the D200 were the on demand gridlines that can be turned on and off. The D300 continues this feature. Looking at the specifications on dpreview.com, it is not a menu option, most likely I would need to replace the focusing screen to get these on demand gridlines. I'm going to give the stock screen a try and switch if need be but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that I can take a straight photo. One thing that the D3 has is a built in level that you can see on the rear lcd and in the viewfinder so let's cross our fingers shall we? So now the long wait begins, let's hope we have less than 30 days till I get it. I'll keep you posted with any new updates from field test that I can find. 🙂
  • Chris (TxAg)

    I read the D3 can use the DX lenses but will only go 5.1 MP cropping to compensate for them.