Oct 23

Secure backup

I'm giving this software a go with their 15 day free trail. I have 331 GB worth of images to backup that I want to keep safe, the traditional 1TB backup drives available are expensive and can melt in a fire along side my PC which defeats the purpose. This company offers unlimited storage for $49.99, cheaper if yo sign up for their 2 year deal. Last night I installed it and gave it a go, it uploaded 1.3GB of data over an 8 hour period. If I left it on and if was uploading for 24 hours straight, it would take 68.958 days to upload my images! Now that's using a very small sample size, I'll get a better feel as the days go on about how I feel the uploading is going. I do feel better that I am backing up my very important photos. The good thing is is that it recognizes new folders for upload and sends them to Carbonite automatically, the bad thing is that it might take 2 months for it to get done. I also did look at protectmyphotos.com which seems to be a better service, you can view folders online, upload from many computers, they have 2 locations to do mirror backups etc. the problem is that their "unlimited storage" is limited to 40GB. I don't know how they can say it's unlimited when it's not but who am I to judge. I did email their customer service group and they got back to me saying that they could not service my needs unfortunately. Carbonite it is for now, updates when I can. 🙂