Oct 30

SanDisk Extreme IV 8GB

With the D3 coming and Sandisk offering a triple rebate of $160 for 3 Extreme IV 8GB cards, I snatched them up quick.  The file sizes and the writting speed that the D3 needs will work great.  I plan on having two 8GB cards sitting in the D3 at all times while shooting say a wedding, I should be able to shoot all the formals, ceremony, and reception without changing cards. The 3rd 8GB card is for backup of the first 2 should anything should happen, I have backup.  That is the key for a wedding isn't it?  Having backup and using the best equipment available to capture that moment. How often I go for the best equipment, say when the D4 comes out in 3 years I don't know, but I'm sure that it will be so good that I can't wait to get that camera and repeat this whole process over again. 🙂