Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 31

Veronica and Steve 12-28-07

My last wedding of 2007. First off, Veronica and Steve are a great couple and I hope and pray that they will be together forever, they make such a great couple. Thanks to Ryan Dlugosz for shooting with me, he took a lot of great photos. The photos you see were taken with my D3 …

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Dec 30

A couple of new things to post

Over the past few weeks I have shoot 2 weddings and a model, There are a lot of photos to post so I’ll do it one by one. What I have below is the first session in the studio with the D3. I am extremely happy with the detail and the dynamic range of the …

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Dec 25

No I haven’t died

It has been a month since my last posting, I have had a few changes in my life, some photography related and some personal. I’ll skip the personal side and go right to the photography side. One Friday the 21st. Fairborn Camera in Fairborn Ohio called and said that my camera was ready to be …

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