Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 29

Fun with the 105mm 2.8D Micro lens

I picked up a 105mm Micro lens and went to the Krohn Conservatory for a rundown of how this lens is to handle. Overall the contrast is fantastic but thedepth of field is super narrow at 1:1 which all of these were shot at.

Feb 18

My trip to the Eiffel Tower

In March of 2006 I had a chance to go to Europe to study for a shot time.  In that I was able to see this beautiful sight.  I, of course had to bring my D200 with me with the 18-200mm lens and be sure to do my best to capture what I saw, and …

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Feb 18

I bought a couple of new cars

Ok, so no I didn’t… 🙁 I had a request for photos with my 18-200mm VR lens and thought I’d post the ones I took from my trip to France and Belgium. These photos are from the Mercedes Dealership in Brussels. The dealer guy was so awesome, he let me sit in it like I …

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Feb 12

Clarity 2-11-08

The night is young and I feel the need to be creative. This is what I come up with. 🙂 Click it to make it bigger 🙂 Nikon D3, 60mm Micro 30″ f/36 @ ISO 200 Manual Focus, Mirror Locked Up Lighting Detail: Floor Lamp above right, Flash shooting up from below, Candle side right

Feb 10

2008 Bridal and Formal Wedding Show

I was working the Cincinnati Bridal and Formal show yesterday, here are most of the gowns there. Great looking gowns and beautiful girls to show them. I got to meet some really friendly photographers there, you can never have too many photog friends to talk to and learn from. Having a D3 around my shoulder …

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Feb 07

How I Installed the Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen

Hey Guys, I desperately wanted the grid lines in the viewfinder so I ordered the focusing screen from an online store and here we go. Now as a disclaimer, I have never done this before nor have I read any instructions on how to do this. I just opened up the D3 and got to …

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