Feb 07

How I Installed the Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen

Hey Guys, I desperately wanted the grid lines in the viewfinder so I ordered the focusing screen from an online store and here we go. Now as a disclaimer, I have never done this before nor have I read any instructions on how to do this. I just opened up the D3 and got to work. This is what I did to replace it, this is NOT a howto guide. Just look at what I did and I took a few pics along the way so make your own judgements, K? K. Ok, there is the box and the insides. {EType} Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen Box {EType} Nikon D3 Focusing Screen E-Type Insides {EType} Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen Box {EType} Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen Box Inside the D3 is a small leaver, you can press down on that and down falls the tray that holds the focusing screen. The tray will come to a rest at the bottom but will not touch the reflex mirror. With the supplied tweasers I took the OEM focusing screen and place it into the little holder that Nikon built into the E-Type box to the right of the new screen. Then take the new focusing screen and put it back in the holder. With the tweesers lift it back into place and it will latch back up. {EType} Nikon D3 Lever for the focusing screen {EType} Nikon D3 Releasing the Lever for the focusing screen {EType} Nikon D3 Focusing screen down I had to do this several times. There was quite a lot of dust and it took awhile to blow it all away. The grid lines are not "On Demand" They are just there. The screen is a lot clearer than the matte of the OEM screen and the lines are very thin, much thinner than the ones in the D200. I hope this gives insight into how it's done.
  • http://blog.rrdphoto.com Ryan Dlugosz

    Cool project. I’ve wanted to get one of those replacement screens for my 30D that has the split focusing screen.

    I noticed on some of the discussion about these replacement screens that (for Canon anyway) they can effect the metering system by 1 or 2 thirds of a stop… I think it has something to do with the way it slightly changes how things reflect in there.

    Anyway, probably a little late to to an A/B test, but have you seen/noticed anything like that?

  • http://www.i2iSTUDIOS.com Son

    There is no change to the metering function of the camera. Metering occurs before it get’s to the focusing screen I think so I don’t see how it could effect the metering. But even if it’s afterwards I haven’t seen any since I shoot the fashion show all is good and I am happy with the results.

  • http://www.williamhoiles.com/ William

    Hey, just ordered the E-Type screen myself and referenced this guide. I had heard rumors from a friend who works in a camera store that replacing the screen on the D3 was very difficult, but it was actually extremely simple! And thanks to your guide it took me about 5 minutes to remove the old one and replace it with the new one!

    So thanks a lot. It worked out great and I love the new screen!

  • http://brucesphotos.co.uk Bruce

    Thanks for taking the time to describe this, worked just as you say and took about 5 minutes.

  • http://Website Redviper

    Got the screen from local Nikon showroom. Installation was a breeze, thanks to my experiences with the F4s and F5s, and also your guides. Did it in my car at the carpark….

  • http://Website Tuyen

    Thanks for your kindness to describe the installation in details . I orderd this screen and it came without instruction to install. It is easy as you have described.

  • http://www.mariewindtphotography.com Marie

    Thanks for posting this! Of course, there were no instructions with the screen (I mean, why should there be, LOL). Very easy to replace.