Feb 10

2008 Bridal and Formal Wedding Show

I was working the Cincinnati Bridal and Formal show yesterday, here are most of the gowns there. Great looking gowns and beautiful girls to show them. I got to meet some really friendly photographers there, you can never have too many photog friends to talk to and learn from. Having a D3 around my shoulder made me a bit of a target of photogs up and down the isle but i'm a talker so if you ever have questions just come up and say hello. 🙂 I am really starting to learn the ins and outs of this D3. There metering system has really changed from the D200. Right now I am finding that matrix metering is best for me, whereas center weighted was best on the D200. Learning about your gear and how it works is key to successfully exposed photographs. Take time to learn your camera system before you get into those events where you either get the job done or go home with your tail between your legs. All of these photos were taken with the D3, ISO 800, 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm f4 Aperture priority. Shutter speeds were usually around 1/800s. Most images cropped in about 25%.  Also, these images are straight out of the camera besides the cropping.  I shot in RAW+JPEG.  These are the Jpeg, in camera I have a -2 for the contrast. {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008} {bf2008}
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    These look great! Looks like these gals were there just for you! Nice.

  • sissi

    love it!