May 09

Brittany Everitt 5-8-2008

Last night I had the pleasure of working with Brittany, she's stunning in person with a wonderful laugh and smile. Below is a few pictures from last night, there are a couple of dozen that I really like a lot, I woke up early and cranked out these few photos below. I took Brittany and her friend Ashleigh to dinner afterwards to an Italian restaurant on Fountain Square called Via Vite. We had horrible service and I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody. Here is an example of how our night went. After being seated we were asked if we would like some wine and I asked what blend he would recommend, he suggested a $75 bottle of wine which I told him was a more than I wanted to spend, how about something cheaper. He said that you get what you pay for and here are no cheap wines that are good. WOW! I spent $150 on a meal and we got super crappy service, at least I had awesome company for the night, 🙂