May 26

Inside my Dark Room

This is what my dark room looks like. I have a dual monitor setup, Lightroom on the left and Photoshop CS3 on the right. I do the photo selection first with a series of rating and then color labels so I can easily navigate through thousands of images and then the initial tweaking in Lightroom and then move them over to CS3. Each image can take as little as 1 minute to edit, but some need that special touch that can take 15 minutes of layers of CS3 editing or an hour or a whole day or longer to get the results I want. Sometimes I leave an image and come back to it later. In Lightroom you can see I have several presents that give me some of my most loved effects, there are plenty more in CS3 but Lightroom gives me a great preview of the photo effects quickly. When photo retouching and models, I typically work Photoshop at around 200-300% zoomed in. If you look closely, the sparkling wine is only at 50% right now, but that's all that I need for this editing where I am effecting curves, colors, and saturation. Of course, both monitors are calibrated with a ColorVision Spyder to get the prints the same colors as I see on my screens.