Jul 18

The search for the perfect wedding photographers’ shoe

For the longest time I have been looking for great shoes to wear while shooting weddings.  The search been long, many malls, outlet stores, specialty stores have all been scoured and searched for just the right shoe for me.  I was looking for a pair of shoes that would look professional and keep me quiet in a church cathedral.   It is hard enough to stay quiet when the Nikon D3 echoes sounds of a gun cocking in a church hall but add in a pair of wooden soled shoes and I am at the wrong end of ninja stealthness.  Six weeks ago I found myself at the Bostonian outlet store and found a fantastic shoe at a very reasonable price (well under $75). These Bostonian Flexlite Boltons are supportive, professional looking, quiet, and won't leave marks on the floor.  I have shot four weddings with these so far and they are holding up GREAT!  Many hours walking and dashing about with multiple cameras, bags, and the occasional box of bouquets, have been pleasure on my feet.  I had a few rain events with no issues.  I haven't found any draw backs yet.  If you find a better shoe, let me know in the comments, I'm always on the look out!
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