Jan 30

Balls Around the Block 2010

Almost one year ago we joined in on another Balls Around the Block (BATB) pub crawl extravaganza!  This was the 5th annual event started by Craig and Joel.   BATB is a great time to enjoy some of downtown's many fun bars, meet hundreds of new people, and raise money for a good cause.  This year's cause was raising money for the downtown dog recreation area (dogRA).  The dogRA is part of the Eggleston Avenue Beautification Plan, it is a fenced 1/2 acre where dogs can run and play leash free.   BATB gathered $57,000 coming from the 9 participating bars and entry fee.  The event started at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center (CAC) for general sign in, organization, and the kick off given by Craig Beachler, then off to one of these bars, Madonna's Bar and Grill, The Subway Bar, BlackFinn, Righteous Room, Akash India, Bootsy's, Lodge Bar, Trattora Roma, and Nicholson's Tavern and Pub.  We wrapped it up at Cadillac Ranch.  Each bar had special drink prices and usually free appetizers as well!  As the photos show, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, look for yourself in the image gallery below.  Thanks for a great event and I look forward to BATB VI. For 2011 photos of Balls Around the Block VI, go HERE. Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0131 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0075 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0092 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0154 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0214 The Righteous Room Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0265 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0228 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0218 Balls_Around_the_Block_2010-0045
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