Apr 22

First Photos with the Nikon D800

I was delighted to have received the Nikon D800 on Friday, 4/20/2012.  Murphy's Camera gave me an unexpected call with the fantastic news and I got it the next day.  I had pre-ordered from BHphoto days after the D800 press release and I was still able to get a camera from Murphy's faster. I am working on a first impressions post but that will come after my next wedding to give it a through run through. Here are two images that I took tonight. Please click the images and download the full size images.  I can't believe how large and detailed these images are. Camera: Nikon D800  Lens: Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Micro  

d800-sample-images-101 17.7 MB Full Size Image


16.8 MB Full Size Image