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May 26

Inside my Dark Room

This is what my dark room looks like. I have a dual monitor setup, Lightroom on the left and Photoshop CS3 on the right. I do the photo selection first with a series of rating and then color labels so I can easily navigate through thousands of images and then the initial tweaking in Lightroom …

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Oct 17

Photoediting for cmb13

Ok, what I did was this, I started a duplicate layer, on the bottom layer I did shadow highlights and did added 1 stop of exposure. On the top layer I lowered the curves, then I added a layer mask and asked the bottom so the trees showed through. 🙂 Click on the link below …

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Sep 30

Wedding Reception Lighting

During last night’s wedding reception it was a typical lighting situation and what I expect to see when I take a photo at a wedding reception. I look for properly exposed subjects in the center with the ambient lighting being shown in the background. In the photo below, this is exactly what I look for. …

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Sep 24

The Book that Started it all

  Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel & Adventure Photographers By: Art Wolfe and Mark Gardner ISBN 0898864305 / 9780898864304 / 0-89886-430-5 Publisher Mountaineers Books Now this wasn’t the first exposure I had to photography as I already had a very nice Nikon N90s but during my travels in ~1995 with Kettering Summer Field …

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