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Feb 18

I bought a couple of new cars

Ok, so no I didn’t… 🙁 I had a request for photos with my 18-200mm VR lens and thought I’d post the ones I took from my trip to France and Belgium. These photos are from the Mercedes Dealership in Brussels. The dealer guy was so awesome, he let me sit in it like I …

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Feb 07

How I Installed the Nikon D3 E-Type Focusing Screen

Hey Guys, I desperately wanted the grid lines in the viewfinder so I ordered the focusing screen from an online store and here we go. Now as a disclaimer, I have never done this before nor have I read any instructions on how to do this. I just opened up the D3 and got to …

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Feb 03

Finished backing up all my images!!!

I stared Carbonite on Oct 23 of 2007 and my computer has been backing up ever since.  Last night it finished!!!  I backed up 426 GB (148393 files).  It’s time for my PC to get some sleep. 🙂

Dec 25

No I haven’t died

It has been a month since my last posting, I have had a few changes in my life, some photography related and some personal. I’ll skip the personal side and go right to the photography side. One Friday the 21st. Fairborn Camera in Fairborn Ohio called and said that my camera was ready to be …

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Nov 12

Carbonite Update 1/4 way there!

Yup, I’m 25% percent there after 20 days of straight uploading, only 245GB left to upload. I know that the process is slow, but over time after it’s backed up all I have to do is to let it backup any new photos that I add. Waiting 80-100 days will pay off dividends in the …

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Nov 10

Replacing the Fresnel on my melted Nikon SB-800

Ok, back in September I melted the fresnel on my SB-800. I called up Nikon Repair and they sent me Part SS060-27 Fresnel Lens and SS060-28 Acrylic Panel. The parts were on backorder but they finally got to me. Now the flash did work just fine while melted, no problems at all but the parts …

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